The Night of the Moon Serpent

The Night of the Moon Serpent cover art

Cover by Vila Design


First Passage to the World Beyond

Age range: Upper middle grade/lower young adult (12 and up)
Grade level: 8 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Series: First installment of the World Beyond series

After an encounter with the eccentric Dr. Máximo Rojas, twelve-year-old David Luke starts to experience mysterious symptoms. Dreams about giant owls and visions of a silver-white snake haunt him. Later, Rojas kidnaps David’s mother in order to lure the boy to enter the ruins of an ancient pyramid. It is there that David will not only face the truth about his father, but also about himself.

THE NIGHT OF THE MOON SERPENT: FIRST PASSAGE TO THE WORLD BEYOND will take readers of all ages to an adventure where a powerful brujo, or sorcerer, and a modern-day healer, the curandero, vie for control over a mythological creature and the possession of a boy’s soul.

Available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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