My first meditation session

In response to the Daily Prompt’s Smooth:

I’m finally reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love.” And inspired by her section on her experiences in the ashram in India, I decided to practice meditation. I have dabbled with meditation before, mostly with the help of guided tapes/CDs. This time, I wanted to do it without any prerecorded instructions. I just wanted to sit, breathe and be one with my mind. So I downloaded a meditation timer app to my tablet, and one night perched myself on my chair, eyes closed, my legs crossed; my hands in the mudra of wisdom, I proceeded to my first 7-minute session.
Ding! The bell rang, marking the beginning of my meditation that I had decided to dedicate to praying for calm, peaceful thoughts to fill my days.

Long breaths in, long breaths out. I tried to observe my breathing. My ears, however, seemed more interested in following the cars and trucks that rambled outside, past my window. And my thoughts chased after them, remarking how loud and annoyingly noisy those vehicles were. “Come back here!” I yelled after them. And once I corralled them and brought them back. “Quiet!” I barked at them. Back to breathing. Long breaths in, long breaths out.
Ding! The bell marked the first 2 minutes of my session. My ears perked up again. My head started counting. Two more bells to go and this bother will be finished, it said.
“Hey, hey,” I said. “This is not a bother. This is supposed to be good for you.”
Yeah, right!
Yay, hurry up! Psst, BTW, lady, your fingers are going numb.
“OMG,” I said, “You’re right. But I must keep still. I can do it; I can do it.” I opened one eye and watched the seconds ran on my tablet.
You’re cheating!
“Shh!” I closed my eyes again. “Pay attention. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out…hey, wow, my mind…is blank!”
So that was my first meditation session. It didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted it to be, but for one millisecond I achieved stillness.

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