A little sample

Happy New Year! I really enjoyed my holiday break. I feel recharged and ready to get back to my writing and my book. Speaking of books, here’s a little sample (from the still-in-the-works first draft) of what I hope one day I’ll see published as the second book of my World Beyond series:

A high-pitched trill eeeeee eeeee brought him back to consciousness. David lay on his back, listening to the piercing, intermittent sound until it occurred to him that it was a bird singing. He opened his eyes and held his hands in front of him. They were normal. He was human—still. He sat up and looked down. He was whole.
“About time you wake up.”
The young girl’s head hovered above him.
Once again, he was stricken by her beauty. Now that she was no longer surrounded by the reddish light, he could appreciate that the undulating long hair framing her round face was black and that her eyes were a soulful dark brown set against olive skin.
“They won’t like it that we’re taking this long—”
“Wait,” David said. “I’m missing something here. We’re taking too long? They? Who’s they? And where are we?”
The girl rolled her eyes. “Noble serpent,” she started.
“David, my name is David.”
She sighed. If she were to have hands, David could imagine that she would be throwing her hands up by now.
“David, we must leave. My guardians have discovered that I’m missing. The High Priestess will unleash the fiery rain on us again if we do not return soon.”
David was still trying to make sense of her words, but he understood the urgency in her voice. He stood up. “Okay then,” he said. “Where are we going?”
“Over there,” she said.
David looked in the direction the girl faced. A range of snow covered mountains rose so high that some of the peaks were hidden by clouds.
“I live at the foot of that peak,” she said, nodding toward one whose summit looked particularly sharp and jagged.
“I’m ready,” the girl said. “You may take me now.”
It took David a couple of seconds before it dawned on him what the girl meant. “I can’t,” he said. “I don’t know how.”
She blinked fast in disbelief. “You don’t know how? But two days ago, you—we escaped from the house because you turned into an amaru and brought me here!”
“I have no idea how I did it! It just happened!”
The girl sighed loudly.
David could tell she was disappointed, but he really did not know what else he could do about it. He gazed around him. He was in the midst of a plain that extended as far as the mountains. A few trees and clumps of tall yellow-brown grass dotted the plain, breaking the monotony of the landscape. He could not tell the time except that it looked like a few moments before sunset. Tinges of orange and pink colored the sky.
“Well, we can’t stay here,” the girl said, breaking the silence between them at last. “If you must walk, then walk.”

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