I can still reach my toes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”


image by Amaia Li

image by Amaia Li

It’s true now and I hope it will remain true for years to come. The older I get and still do it, the better it would be. It would be a sign that I haven’t given up on myself, on exercising, on practicing yoga, on getting up to move around and live in awe of the miracle of my body. Now that I’m reaching that age when reading glasses, knee problems and chronic aches and pains are part of the promise of the future, I appreciate being in good health more. Let’s face it, so much depends on being and staying healthy: your family, your independence, your job, your enjoyment of the moment.

For every day I had to run after the bus or walk to the store, for every little dance I do after reaching my writing goal of the week, for every night I look out of the window and watch the moon, I’m thankful. I’m old enough to not take for granted being able to do all those things and more. If jumping jacks and downward dogs will keep my body flexible, I hope writing will keep my mind supple, so that as I move into the future, I can exclaim in wonder and delight, “Hey, I can still reach my toes!”

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