Random thoughts on a hot summer day

I confess that I haven’t been a frequent visitor to my own blog lately. I even had to pinch myself and said aloud that I haven’t dropped out of blogging. It’s that hot, muggy, summer days are not conducive to writing for me. But although I’ve not been good with my blogging, I have kept up with writing my book—-even if it only has been one hour of writing on the weekends. A digital timer has been the magical device I’ve been using to prod my inspiration and keep myself in front of my laptop. I set the timer in my tablet in countdown mode, toss it behind me and start writing. I’m amazed that this ruse has worked so far so well that sometimes I find myself going on even after the bell has gone off. Before I started using the timer, I used to wander away from my desk for all kind of little reasons: a glass of water, a trip to the bathroom, a quick check of my plants in the backyard, a snack. Now that I set myself for one hour, I feel more disciplined. I only have 60 minutes to move my story further. Or maybe having just an hour is also like a promise of a reward. In 60 minutes, I’ll be pau (done) and treat myself to browsing at Etsy. Deadline or treat, I’m happy with the results.

The other day, I came across an article by Christie Aschwanden, Stop Trying to Be Creative. (Read it here). Guess what was my first thought after I read it? We, pantsers have been scientifically validated! Yay!

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 yesterday. I was pleased that the transition went smoothly. I did skip the Express settings and chose to go the long way. I manually picked and chose which settings to turn on or off because I like to keep a measure of privacy on the Web. Everything seems to be working so far except that Windows Media Player no longer plays DVDs! With Windows 10 now you have to get an app if you want to watch your DVDs on your computer or laptop 😦

Isabel Allende friend me on Goodreads! I thought it was so cool to be able to connect with a well-known, popular author and one whose work I’ve been reading before she was famous. Thank you, Ms. Allende for all your wonderful books and stories!

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