The Daily Prompt – Finite Creatures

Today, I’m joining other bloggers in answering the Daily Prompt: Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

I have to admit that I chuckled when I read today’s Daily Prompt because I cannot remember a time that I’ve ever thought I was not mortal. The only immortals in my life were the imaginary characters I made up or read about when I was a kid. Other than them, I was quite aware that one day I will—hopefully— end up in Heaven. That’s what happens, I believed, when you grow up in a Catholic country. Consciously and unconsciously, I was reminded of the final destination when saints, Virgins and Jesus were looking down at me from the heights of churches that seemed to be everywhere, and every time they were “on the move,” in a procession working its way on the streets.

The one that always left a deep impression in me happens in October when the image of Our Lord of Miracles is taken out of its church and paraded on the streets. Back when I was a very young child, Our Lord of Miracles used to spend the night across the street from our house. The arrival of this silver-framed image, with its 926 pounds weighing down the forty men that carried it on their shoulders, filled me with awe and, yes, even fear. In the dark, the image, illuminated by candles seemed to be floating in mid-air even though it was surrounded and followed by a sea of people. But it was Christ nailed to the cross with the dancing flames of candles reflected on its silver frame that told me that even a god cannot live forever in this world. At night, his image carried on people’s shoulders; it was like witnessing his funeral procession.

But knowing that I’m mortal have never stopped me from dreaming, laughing, and working, planning and even despairing. We may be finite but the space between here and the final destination is still there for us to take, live and enjoy.




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