‘Til we meet again

Today, I’m responding to the Daily Prompt challenge Last Words: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

So it’s finally time to say goodbye to this blog. When I started writing posts here, I never thought that one day I would be retiring. But I can never retire from my thoughts. As I see it, I’m rather withdrawing from the spotlight, however big or small I chose to made it through my blog. I’m retiring from putting my thoughts and experiences out for public consumption. It’s time for, well, private time. I will still be writing, but it would be for my eyes only unless it’s a novel or a fictional story I want to publish. It is strange that I’m looking forward to the idea of becoming a mystery to outsiders. With no more updates or fresh posts, my digital footprint will start fading–but never erased. I know whatever goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

I will relish my new found freedom. I will reacquaint myself with paper and pen. A notebook with blank pages, each one inviting me to write whatever I want. Without the blogger hat on my head, I won’t have to consider whether what I write is acceptable or fit for other people’s tastes or whether I’m giving too much information or too little, or even if I’m making any sense at all.

But I will miss being a part of the blogging community and those of you who waited for my posts with anticipation. Thank you all for letting me share a little of my life with you. And though I’m retiring from blogging, I won’t be leaving the blogosphere as I will keep commenting, reading, and liking your posts. Who knows, the blogging bug may bite me again, so I’ll never say never. As a writer, I know I will still need to send my thoughts and words out into the world. Farewell then, this is not. But rather like friends, let’s wish each other, ‘Til we meet again!

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1 Response to ‘Til we meet again

  1. I like your statement, “I can never retire from my thoughts.” Very true, thankfully!

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