New year, new opportunities

It was great to take a short break from writing—anything. Now I’m energized, happy to open a blank document, looking forward to whatever it may cross my mind and turn into an essay worth reading. I didn’t make any formal resolutions for this year. What can I say? I sort of live my life like the pantser I’m as a writer. Half improvising, half planning, half hoping. But I promised myself to keep working on my book and to keep growing this blog. I’m also on the self-improvement track: more exercise, more positive outlook, more kindness, more sleep, more learning, more savings. And I’m pledging less chemicals (shampoo soap bars, yay!), less impulse shopping, less fast food, less of the complicated and narrow in any aspect of my life. I paint my pledges in big and wide brush strokes because I know 365 days are not enough to tackle them all. They are all ongoing, work in progress that defy deadlines. Besides, I like the idea that there’s no end to the growing of our souls. I can’t imagine a person who calls himself perfect. He’s done, end of the road, period. No room for new discoveries and revelations, for new experiences, dreams and thoughts. Nothing to look forward to. Perfection, in a way, is calcification. So look at my and your imperfect selves. Let’s improve and celebrate the opportunity to get better at anything we wish. Happy New Year!

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