Upcoming blog tour: expectations and fears

Like everybody else on this island, I’m letting out a sigh of relief because we have dodged the threats of hurricane Iselle (and thanks to Madame Pele and her volcanoes for doing a number on Iselle, thus sparing us the worst of her destructive winds) and hurricane Julio. Now that those worries are out of the way, I can begin to feel excited again about the upcoming virtual blog tour for my book, The Night of the Moon Serpent. However, I can’t help but wonder what the tour hosts, who have signed up to review the book, will think about it.

So far, I have comments from family and friends. They naturally focused on the good points. Mostly, they’re surprised and pleased that I have actually (and finally) written a book. They’re rewarding the hard work and the years of training and practice. They have seen me through the disappointments and the dreams.

Reviews from strangers are of a different nature. Here, it is about how much a story meets their pre-conceived notions and expectations. Also, it is about how much they can read into it. My sister, when she was beta reading my manuscript, all of a sudden asked, “So which parent (referring to the parents of the main character, David) is Chinese?” I was amazed that she could perceive that even though I did not make any allusions to his racial makeup. But the boy, yes, is–using a Hawaiian term—hapa, in other word, part Caucasian and part Asian. We all know that not every reader will react the same way to a book. None of us is opened to everything that’s put in our path.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see what new insights the reviewers will bring in. I’m sure I’ll be finding myself thinking, Oh, I’ve never seen it from that perspective or I never realized that this would strike others that way. I know I can learn from them too.

My book’s virtual blog tour will run from August 15 to August 29. Please do enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of two copies of the paperback edition of The Night of the Moon Serpent. Also, you are welcomed to leave your questions, thoughts and comments on the hosts’ websites (details about the tour stops and giveaway coming soon), here on my blog, or at my Goodreads’ author page. I promise I’ll respond as soon as I get to my computer at home.

book tour banner

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