An unexpected journey

Image by Amaia Li

Image by Amaia Li

Lately, I’ve been getting a weekly e-mail from Authorgraph, reporting my book’s sales ranking. Right now, it’s in the vicinity of 6 digits followed by a little red arrow pointing down. Gee, thank you for the reminder. Yes, it is disheartening enough to make you stop and wonder if it is still worth writing down the next book. I think once in a while, sooner or later, and not just once in a lifetime, anybody who commits years of their lives to writing asks themselves the question: why am I writing this book?

Because I dare.

Because I can.

Those were the answers that powered me through writing my first book. Publishing was an afterthought. But what I didn’t realize when I decided to put my book out in the world was that I was about to step into a new role, that of the small business owner (SBO). As an SBO, I’m still learning about effective marketing, about product placement, about being a salesman.

If the arrow means anything, I think it is a reflection of my not being a good salesman (yet). Being an innie (introvert) certainly doesn’t help much. I wish I had my friend Cat’s gift of gab. Half an hour with her and you’d think you’ve been friends forever. Me—ten minutes with a stranger and I’d be squirming in my chair. I’ve read that online interactions are perfect for introverts. I guess I should be in my element with social media, but that is not so. The idea of being “visible” to millions makes me uncomfortable, to say the least.

But I have a book I’d like other people to read, and I’m beginning to see that in order to reach that goal, I’m going to need to go out of my comfort zone. I’m going to need to stretch myself, move beyond my own boundaries, and draw my circle bigger. I have to be the advocate, the ambassador to my book. When I see it from that perspective, it makes it quite exciting. But I’m going slowly. This week I activated my Twitter account and I’ve tweeted twice (don’t laugh. Anybody who loves to blend with the background would tell you it is sort of an accomplishment). And so, my book is taking me through a journey, not the one about fame and money, but an unexpected one which is much more valuable perhaps: the one that challenges us to grow.

As for why I’m writing my second book—because I dare. Because I can. And because I enjoy being a writer, always.

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2 Responses to An unexpected journey

  1. Stella says:

    I didn’t know about Authorgraph until I read your post. Thanks, sounds good!

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