List Lesson: A List of Complimentary Closes

Today I decided to take up The Daily Post’s Writing Challenge and wrote a list with a little twist:

Here’s how they taught me to end letters,
Complimentary closes they used to call them:
Truly yours, Cordially Yours, Very Truly Yours,
Sincerely, Yours.
Back in the day, we wished our correspondents
All the best,
God speed,
Good luck,
And wish for the Almighty’s protection,
Dios guarde a Ud. muchos años
And we promise to be
Yours with all my heart, Your friend, Always yours, Faithfully yours,
Su fiel y obediente amigo,
Suyo de todo corazón.
And that they will be with us
I’ll never forget you
Wherever you’re, I’ll be there.
Today we end emails with
Many thanks,
and Best.
Thank goodness, love never goes out of fashion
Love, XOXOXO, With love.
It’s time to go, Take care,
Ha! Until next time. TTTFN.

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