Getting ready to publish my book on paper

When it was time to publish my book, The Night of the Moon Serpent, I decided I would go green and have an electronic book only. However, once it was out, a couple of people who bought the e-version also wanted to see it printed on paper. Then, I met people who admitted that they could not stand electronic versions at all—my own brother among them. After thinking over their feedback and realizing that there is a percentage of readers who would prefer buying physical books to digital ones, I finally made up my mind to have my book released on paperback in the near future.

As a first step towards publication, I hired an editor to tidy up the book. There is something about words on paper that speaks of permanence, and I didn’t want my typos and punctuation errors to be forever staring at me and at the readers from the pages of my future book. Such mistakes, I think, may be more forgivable on an electronic version, where I can always upload an updated, corrected one that would replace the flawed one. However, nothing beats getting everything right from the start if you want your book to look professional and to earn positive first impressions from the readers.

After comparing prices, I decided to give ebookproediting a try. The fact that my cover artist was recommending them on her website also gave me more confidence that I was making the right choice. Besides, I liked that they have two options. One is the proofread service and the other one, the full copy edit service. I went for the proofreading option, which covered grammar, word choice and consistency. The full copy edit service includes proofreading plus basic content editing. Full payment is required before they start working on a manuscript.

I ended up waiting for about two weeks before Lori, my assigned editor, was available to review my book. And a little over two weeks later, I got it back with all the changes clearly marked and an encouraging note from Lori. So my first experience with a professional editor has been a very positive one. I have incorporated just about every correction she made. There were two or three I didn’t agree with because I felt her suggestions would have changed the feeling I have intended, but I still reworded those sentences because she had pointed out that they could be improved.

All in all, I’m happy with the results. Lesson learned—I won’t skip on having a professional help me clean up a manuscript from now on. I’m ready to take the next step towards publishing (on paper) now that I feel more confident about my book.

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