My little orphan (necklace)

Today I decided to follow Suggestion No. 3 of “Five Posts to Write Right Now” from the Daily Post and write about a favorite object.

Vintage clothing, shoes, or purses don’t have an appeal to me. But when it comes to old costume necklaces, I love them. Thorough the years I have built a small collection. A few of my necklaces are in mint condition. Most of them are in good shape. But I have one which I called my Little Orphan.

Vintage necklace

image by Amaia Li

Like most of my necklaces, this one too came through eBay. The seller’s listing was for a gorgeous rhinestone necklace. He threw in the Little Orphan as an extra incentive: get two for the price of one.
Anybody could see the orphan was in such a bad shape that its only possible use was for parts. I know that there are people who seek out old necklaces just to take them apart and recycle the beads, crystals, and chains into new creations. I, on the other hand, want to keep them in their original form. That’s one reason I like to collect vintage necklaces. I feel like I’m preserving a little part of history. When I finally met the orphan “in person,” I felt sorry for it. It was clear that somebody had not taken care of it. In fact, I thought that it must’ve been buried for a while because it looked like an artifact recovered from an archaeological site. Dirt and rust crusted around the clear round stones. I did my best to clean it but I know that unless I get a professional to restore it to its former glory, this necklace won’t be worn again. But I don’t care. I’m fond of my Little Orphan and as long as I own it, it will remain intact because it is still, in my eyes, a beautiful example of jewelry of the past.

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2 Responses to My little orphan (necklace)

  1. PoshPedlar says:

    You, like me sentamentalise jewels. It’s the back story. Who knows?

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