I’m stuck

Oh no, I’ve just reached that dreaded junction, ran into that awful wall called “writer’s block.” A few weeks ago I was so happy that I have finally started to work on DB2, my code name for the sequel to my first book, Night of the Moon Serpent, and it was all going well. The first pages came humming along and then I reached that scene. Gosh, what happened? All of a sudden, it felt like the whole scene was dragging its feet, the dialog pointless; the characters, dull and bored. Time for me to stop and rethink. But I have been re-thinking for a while and I still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is in times like this that I wonder if writers who are able to plot and plan out their story lines fare better than writers like me who can see only so far down the road of their stories. I remember the small twinge of envy I felt when I attended a certain author’s book talk and she described how she had mapped out her entire book on index cards before she even started writing it. Surely, writer’s block may be an unknown malady to her. The plan for my book looks more like points A, B, and perhaps E and even Z are scattered around a blank sheet of paper. Sometimes, there’s a clear line joining A and B but between B and E may lie an unfinished bridge. Never mind about the road from E to Z, that’s still a bigger guess. I confess I probably look disorganized and scatterbrained compare to my brethren, the logical planners, but I want to think that my approach to writing is simply more organic. And I know it works. The road to finishing a story may be more complicated but it is also satisfying, especially when I hit that sweet spot when the characters and the story seem to take over and I’m just a medium for them to get them onto the page. But right now, they’re not speaking to me so I have to prod and push (gently) and keep writing because, in spite of false starts and sudden screeching halts, it is only as I write that the connecting lines between points will be revealed to me.

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