2014 resolution: be present

“Here’s to my first sunrise of 2014,” I said to myself as I raised my cup of hot cocoa to the sun peeking from behind the neighbors’ rooftops. In front of me, on the table I had this week’s Midweek opened to Jade Moon’s column, “Moonlighting.” The first couple of paragraphs of her article, I felt, were like my very own thoughts. That’s what happens to me every time a year ends and a new one rolls in. Time flies too fast. A new year means that we are getting older. The unthinkable is happening: we are getting to be not only our mothers’ age but also we are getting closer to being our grandmothers’ age! (Sigh) for the days when we were young and we thought we have all the time in the world. Once you hit a certain age, it starts to dawn on you that time and your life are precious commodities. Amazingly, that realization came to me early, in my twenties, and since then I have made a commitment to be present in the moment. And that meant, less hours spent in front of the TV back then and now it is about limiting my time in front of the computer when it comes to the Internet. Time may be passing, but every year, every birthday is unique. There was only one 2013. There is only one 2014 and that is why as much as I may mourn a year ending, I know I must not spend the next year regretting what did not work, what was left undone, what could have been. Dwelling on those things is to be absent in the moment. So, I welcome the New Year as a blessing–I’m here! I’m alive! And look forward to accomplishing my mundane (change the curtains) and my grand (write the sequel to my book) goals. Those goals are important but I remind myself to not get too wrap up with them or I may lose myself in them and then miss what to be present in the moment is all about: To be present for the people in my life.

Dear reader, have a Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2014!

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