Happy Christmas

I could have not wished for a better start on my Christmas Day. While everybody else was still sleeping, I got on the Internet and tuned it to my favorite Peruvian radio station. What a delightful surprise to be greeted by the wonderful song, “Canción para la Navidad.” No other contemporary song says Christmas to me, no other song takes me back to Christmases of the past than this old ballad by José Luis Perales (and I mean the original version, the one with the spoken verses at the end. I don’t know why he later re-recorded the song without those verses). Listening to that song this morning made me realize how much I missed it this holiday season. Like everybody else I tuned in to KSSK to get my daily dose of Christmas songs and carols although I confessed to changing stations every time “Santa Baby” came on the air. And the only Christmas song in Spanish–or rather, I should say, that has some Spanish in it, that they played was José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad.” So while I was listening to “Canción para la Navidad,” I had a feeling akin to the one of seeing and hugging an old friend again. Thanks to the Internet and technology, I can find this song anytime I want. I have it on CD, I can find it in YouTube, get it from my cloud; but there’s something special when it is played on the radio. It evokes a different feeling, like my being in the right place at the right time. I wasn’t looking for it. I did not ask for it. It just found me. I guess it is because that’s how we “met,” through the radio back in those days when you could not find it anywhere else other than the radio unless you bought the record. So, I was all smiles this morning because the song found me again. After it ended, I helped myself to a cup of hot chocolate and piece of panetón and waited for the rest of the family to join me on this Christmas Day.

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