It takes a few friends to make a book perfect

Once I published my book, I thought I would be done with it and be able to move on to other projects. Boy, that I was wrong. Weeks after sending my book into the world, I am still correcting the little mistakes that have gotten away. My friend Nancy e-mailed me a few days ago. She was appalled at the errors that had sneaked away while she was on duty as my Beta reader nine months ago. What I found touching is that she wrote, “I want your book to be as perfect as it can be.”
I confess that before reading her e-mail, I was letting those mistakes go. I don’t know if this happens to other writers, but after months of re-writing, editing, proofreading and formatting, I was sick of my own book. After it went live on Amazon & Smashwords, I was not able to take a careful look at it. I needed some time off from it. The break probably would have been a much longer one had Nancy not written to me and in her wish reminded me that I owe to myself, my work, and to the craft I proudly want to represent, the best effort I can put in my writing. It is my duty and job to make my book as perfect as it can be. Between Nancy and I, we’re hunting down those pesky typos again. I’m glad because when I took a look at the Kindle edition, I found that one entire paragraph had exchanged places with another one (how did that happen?). And I’m not sure the book will ever be perfect–I’ve just found out that during format conversion all the words in italics did not translate correctly into HTML (aargh!). But it is good to have friends who won’t let you be lazy, who want the best for you. Thanks Nancy.

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