Daily Prompt – Learning Styles: Where are the instructions?

I learn better by myself. I’ve never been a group person but that doesn’t mean I don’t help out my group.  At the office, I’m the go-to person to find out how to use the new computer application or the new copy machine.  And the first thing I do is to go to the Help section or  just Google the issue I need to solve. Unlike other people who click or press buttons all over the place to find out how something works, I try to get to the instructions first. I read manuals. People say I’m patient by virtue of my willingness to deal with lengthy step-by-step instructions.  I do it because though it may take a bit longer to read, I feel I am not reinventing the wheel. Somebody did that already. Instructions are shortcuts for me. I just have to find out which section of the manual I need. 

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