Christmas = shopping? Not!

Are you ready? Are you ready for Christmas?
That’s the question I’ve been asked since the day before Thanksgiving. I know what people are really asking is if I’m ready to face the stress and madness of holiday shopping. And my usual answer is “Not really.” Once again the holiday season is upon us. And once again I say it (over and over again), “I can’t believe it is already Christmas time.” Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. It’s just that it also means that the year is coming to an end and the older we grow; the faster time seems to fly. I wish I could apply the brakes now and slow down Father Time. I intend to enjoy Christmas and the weeks that lead into it. I don’t want to lose them in the blur of working and shopping, especially, not to the shopping. Gifts are tokens of gratitude and good will. Gift giving should not become a bragging competition. We (my family) have an unspoken agreement. The monetary worth of a gift should not go beyond a certain two-digit amount. That way we hope to avoid the materialism that taints the season. Like everybody else, I still go shopping, but it is not for the “It” bag, tablet, or whatever is the status symbol must-have of the year. Instead, I shop for what I hope would be helpful, useful, beautiful and/or enjoyable to the recipient. Gift shopping is just a small part of the holiday season. Pausing to remember my blessings, giving a look back to this year’s accomplishment and reflecting on the good things in my life along with reconnecting with loved ones and friends are what I mean by enjoying Christmas.

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