Giving thanks to your team

Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but as a weekend writer I know it’s usually accomplished with the help of others. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you and I have a team around us. They are our family, our significant other, spouse, roommate, neighbor, or friend who, somehow, enable us to steal some time to write. They do the cooking, keep the children busy and out of the way, clean house, in a few words, relieve us from the duties and chores of the outside world for a few hours so that we can immerse in our special writing world. We usually thank them when we are published but how about giving back on a daily basis? After all, they may have a full-time job too and long to have as much me-time as we writers do. My way of thanking them is by doing what I call “home community service.” Before I sit at my desk, I do a small chore: sweep a room, dust, put magazines away. If I’m having writer’s block, I don’t fret in front of my computer. Instead, I get up and water the plants, wash the dishes, do some laundry. When I’m done writing for the day, I don’t collapse on the couch ready for a game on my tablet. Instead, I wipe the bathroom counter. They are “mindless” small chores that don’t take too long to do and when you do them, it is one less thing for the team to do, and they will appreciate you for that.

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