This is a big day. In a few hours I’ll be uploading “The Night of the Moon Serpent” to Smashwords. I feel as nervous and excited as a parent who’s about to let her child go into the world.  It is like giving birth, but my story was born long time ago, out of a wish.  My nephew was about six years old when he threw a quarter into a fountain and wished he were a dragon.  At that moment I thought it would be nice to write him a story about a boy who is granted that wish.  However, years went by and the story evolved and ended up being about a boy who is actually forced to become a dragon. There were more funny turns.  At first my dragon was a Western one, then a Chinese dragon but after I returned from a visit to Lima, I knew it was going to be a Peruvian dragon, an amaru.  And so, the children’s tale I had in mind back when my nephew made his wish has grown into a book for tweens and for any adult who is young at heart.

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